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FIITJEE was created in 1992 by the vision and toil of Mr. D. K. Goel, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from IIT Delhi. We had a very humble beginning as a forum for IIT-JEE, with a vision to provide an ideal launch pad for serious JEE aspirants. Along the way to realization of this vision, we went beyond merely coaching for IIT-JEE. We actually started to make a difference in the way Students think and approach problems. The Kolkata  North Centre started operations  in the academic  year 2009-2010  with 3 batches comprising of a total of 60 students, and a total of 3 permanent faculty members. Classes for the first academic year were held at Mother International School, Salt Lake. By the second academic-year of the centre, classes were being held at the office premises, at VIP Towers, after an encouraging enrolment of over 100 students. The number of faculty members also doubled in that academic year. Over the course of years, the centre grew leaps and bounds as many other distinguished faculty members have joined in to hone the talents of the ever-increasing pool of students. The students of the centre have always produced results that have been pleasing and encouraging for the students following in their footsteps. Moreover, after the shift to the new pattern of JEE Mains and Advanced, the results have only improved considerably due to an educated change in the culture of teaching at the centre which is driven towards results in the current examination scenario. Over the last years of the new pattern, the centre has achieved an unprecedented conversion rate of over 22.5% in IITJEE Advanced and an astounding 52% conversion in IITJEE Mains (both from the entire pool of students appearing in IITJEE Mains). After consistently producing ranks in the top 500 for years we take pride in the performance and results of our alumni and the encouragement it brings to the hearts of our teachers and students.

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Our Mission

"To create world’s best for profit education company that serves the society for a thousand years – may be perennially.”

Our Vision

"Keeping our mission in mind, we will establish a transformational leadership position in each of our projects across the globe. We will become a comprehensive global leader in education by 2030."

Our Guiding Principles

  • Consciously work, every moment of the day, to ensure that every student fully unravels his / her multidimensional talent & potential. Be perfect in everything that we do.
  • Perfection is making the best efforts within the constraints of space, time & resources.
  • Annalise every task with fundamentals and accept existing practices if perfect otherwise innovate to move forward to achieve our Mission in consonance with our vision.
  • Work ethically to inspire everyone who comes in our contact.
  • Utilize technology to connect students, parents, teachers, administrators, bureaucrats & the government for collaborative efforts to transform global society. Facilitate information flow to all those who matter to humanity.
  • Establish joint ventures & partnerships with compatible & synergistic individuals, associations, companies and governments.

The Future

FIITJEE spirit of excellence will touch every area of education from a few weeks old foetus in a mother’s womb at vibrations level to adults at University level education, transforming the world by making children better sons, better daughters, better mothers, better fathers and better human beings in totality.

We see all the positivity & all the goodness of the Universe to support us in giving a Utopian future to the mankind on earth.


The Value System

FIITJEE value system revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. Whatever we think, we say & whatever we say, we do. We present to you what we actually are.

The Quality

We never compromise on quality. Our penchant & pursuit of quality is evident in our every activity, in all our actions, at all times, everywhere.

Pattern Proof Teaching Methodology

FIITJEE has always been preparing Students in a fundamental way. FIITJEE has been teaching in a comprehensive way so that Students do well in IIT-JEE (irrespective of the pattern), Boards, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and Other Engineering Entrance Exams. For the last many years our Students have been securing admissions in the top 10 US Universities where admission is based on the performance of School + Last Board Exam and SAT-I, SAT-II, AP Exams & TOEFL. Testing pattern of IIT-JEE keeps on changing but the key aspect of the test is to judge the analytical ability of the aspirants along with the understanding of fundamentals. Students having sound understanding of fundamental concepts & practicing varied types of problems persistently will always outperform those Students, who confine their preparation to the pattern only rather than understanding the concepts.

The Winning methodology

Our Methodology makes the Students capable of creatively resolve complex & tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills & parallel thinking processes. We develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimize Students’ output.

Personalized Coaching

Individual attention is given to each and every Student irrespective of one’s standing in the merit at any point of time. We never increase our batch size beyond a limit, this facilitates proper Student-Faculty interaction. Our faculty is always willing to clear doubts of Students even individually, if required.

Iconic Results

We Thank the entire Nation for appreciating our Sincerity, Dedication & Hardwork which Empowered our students from Long Term Classroom / School Integrated Programs to capture the ranks of AIR 92 : Debajyoti Kar, AIR 104 : Avinandan Bose, AIR 377 : Ranajay Medya, AIR 535 : Saswata Banarjee, AIR 557 : Sunidhi Dhandhania, AIR 567 : Sagnik Roy, AIR 674 : Arunava Das, AIR 703 : Dedeepyo Ray, AIR 886 : Ayan Chakraborty (Under 1000s only from classroom programs of FIITJEE Kolkata North)

The Total Success Approach

Even though our programs aim at JEE Advanced, we prepare Students comprehensively also for KVPY, SAT, Olympiads, NTSE and all other important Engineering Entrance Exams including JEE Main / BIT-SAT / VITEEE / CET (Karnataka) / CET (G.G.S.I.P. University) / BVP (Pune) / EAMCET (Andhra Pradesh) / KEAM (Kerala) / UPSEE / CG PET (Chhattisgarh) / RPET (Rajasthan) / BCECE (Bihar) / WBJEE (West Bengal) / AMUEEE / J&K CET / JCECE (Jharkhand) etc too.

Enabling Infrastructure

We strongly believe in the fact that the environment in which a Student studies is equally important for effective learning. We ensure our Students study in an enabling environment equipped with proper Classrooms to keep them stress free.

Innovative Programs & Concepts

Innovation is the essence at FIITJEE. PINNACLE, SUPREME & UDAYA Plus Programs are already revolutionizing school education in India. We are the pioneers in designing a specific IQ Test to test the temperament and potential of a student for IIT-JEE. The student’s score in this test helps us judge his / her potential in the beginning itself and the level of input required for his / her success. This makes our Classroom Programs very effective as we know in advance the level of input needed for different students. FIITJEE is the only institute in India having the capability to predict Rank Potential Index (RPI) / Success Potential Index (SPI) of a student & constantly encourage our students to emulate them.

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